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 OCTOBER eNewsletterVolume 2, Issue 10 

David, Keith, John and Juli are all smiles before the Hop'N'Rock Triathlon.  The HNR capped off a great season of racing with the F.I.R.M. Grand Prix Race Series.

Not only does PowerBar fuel us during the peak training and racing months, but they also provide members with a variety of choices in the off-season! This month, we recognize PowerBar, a long standing BTT sponsor, and remind you to contact Steve Upson at to make arrangements to pick up your off-season supply.

BTT members have competed in events in 21 different states so far this season: Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Virginia.

BTT member weddings so far this year: Jay Marschall and Sarah Keller, Josh Eckel and Catherine O'Leary, Chris Lawton and Sarah Foley (David Altreuter and Jen Oakes coming soon on 10/4/03).

We wish a Happy Birthday to the following team members with October Birthdays:

10/4 - Juli Jones
10/9 - Jackie Blatt
10/10 - Kristel Kurtz
10/14 - Charlie Abrahams
10/15 - Evan Israelson
10/15 - Liz Hale
10/24 - Sarah Goldfine
10/27 - Chip Hart

  • 2003 Pub Run (November)
  • XC Skiing (December)

  • Executive Committee Elections
    BTT is in the process of nominating and electing a Team President and members of a 7 person Executive Committee to be led by Team President.  This Executive Committee (EC) is similar to a "Board of Directors" and is responsible for making the important decisions and guiding the general direction of the team.  We need YOU to select the individuals whom you feel would make a strong contribution to the leadership of the team.  As a recap, the 2003 EC members are: Pete Cadwell, Janice Biederman, Ken Chern, Flo Chretien, Maggie O'Toole, Rob Sczupak and Steve Upson.  Please reference the Bulletin Board post called "Members Only - 2004 EC Elections" for all details and deadlines.  Your participation in this process is vital, so please make an effort to let your voice be known!
    more info at "2004 EC Elections" on the team Bulletin Board

    Year-End Banquet
    The Year-End Team Banquet is coming up soon and we need to know who is attending.  This has always been a fun event for all members and this year promises to be one of the best.  Vinny Testa's will once again be playing host for this team gathering.  Please RSVP to Maggie O'Toole by October 10th.  Spouses and significant others are welcome at a cost of $15 per person.
    more info at "BTT Year-End Banquet" on the team Bulletin Board

    2004 Membership Renewals - DUE OCTOBER 24, 2003
    We are nearing the end of the triathlon season and are looking forward to seeing all of you at the Year-End Banquet.  We also need to think about membership renewal for 2004!  Attached to this eNews is the 2004 Renewal Membership Form.  It is slightly longer than in previous years, in that it has 3 pages (one each for the renewal information, a liability waiver and survey questionnaire).  If you are planning to renew for the 2004 season, please complete all three pages and send with a $60 check made out to "Boston Triathlon Team" to:

      Maggie O'Toole
      15 Munroe St.
      Somerville, MA 02143
    If you are curious, the EC has decided to increase the renewal cost by $10 due to the need to purchase liability insurance from USAT for team events and training activities.  In 2003, this cost was incurred by BTT and not passed onto the members individually.

    Pub Run
    The 2003 BTT Pub Run is approaching fast.  Saturday, November 1st marks the day for this "late-season" fun run and we encourage all thirsty team members (and friends) to join in the fun.  Meet at the Bell In Hand Tavern near Government Center at 1:00pm and be prepared to run/walk about 5 miles, visiting about 5 local pubs and restaurants.  Contact Rob Sczupak for more details.  (This is the 19th annual event, held on the first Saturday of November each year).
    more info on the "Social" page of the team website

    John Howard Cycling Clinic At IBC
    John Howard is a US Cycling Hall of Fame member and is a racer, coach and cycling journalist with over 35 years of experience.  He'll be in Boston on November 20 - 23 at International Bicycle to teach his Fitness, Training, Technique & Equipment clinic.  The core components of this clinic will make you faster, stronger and more comfortable - guaranteed!  Please contact BTT'er Jay Marschall or Craig Gaulzetti at IBC at 617-783-5804 for more information.
    more info at

    CompuTrainer Sale For BTT Members
    Fall is upon us and winter is just around the corner.  If this winter is anything like last winter, you'll definitely want to stay indoors to do your training.  HDO Sports, a BTT supporter, has spoken with CompuTrainer and has received the go ahead to offer all BTT members a limited time special price on all 3 versions of CompuTrainers: CompuTrainer Pro 3D - $1,240, CompuTrainer Pro PC1 - $1,105, CompuTrainer Pro Basic - $1,015.  Please submit all order to Chris Li by Friday, October 10, 2003.
    more info on the Team Bulletin Board, Members Only forum, "HDO Sport" post

    It's Time For Adventure Racing!
    Sean Hartman, the BTT Adventure Racing Coordinator is encouraging any and all BTT members to try out AR now that the tri season is winding down for most athletes.  Genesis Adventures is holding a sprint AR (4 - 6 hours) on Saturday, October 11, right in our own backyard at Myles Standish State Forest.  You'll be paddling, mountain biking, running/trekking, navigating and doing special tests to complete this 2-person event.  Please contact Sean Hartman for more information or to get a BTT team together.
    more info at

    Race Reports
    We've had so many race reports written in 2003 and are looking for more!  The feedback that we receive from members reading these reports are fabulous, so if you do a race, or are even just watching a race and want to let us know about it, please take the time to do a small (or lengthy) write-up to be posted for all to see.  Check out the latest reports from Amy Adcock and Janice Biederman
    more info at "Articles" on the team website

    Upcoming Events
    10/16 - Team Social at The Asgard
    11/1 - BTT Pub Run
    more info at "Events Calendar" on the team website

    Upcoming Races
    10/4 - Applefest Half Marathon
    10/4 - Six States Series, CT
    10/11 - Genesis Adventure Race
    10/12 - BAA Half Marathon
    10/18 - Ironman World Championships
    10/19 - Bay State Marathon
    10/25 - Great Floridian
    10/26 - Cape Cod Marathon
    more info at "Events Calendar" on the team website

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