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 JUNE eNewsletterVolume 2, Issue 6 

Mike, Rip and Sean
We're so proud that our BTT men can show their true feelings of affection for each other.

Nic Scibelli leads all BTT'ers in 'event participation' with 10 events so far this season!

Matt Pokress has a new baby boy named Nathan, Colleen Flanigan qualified for the Boston Marathon on her first try in VT, and Mat Davenport and Juli Jones both capture the KOH title for 2003.

We wish a Happy Birthday to the following team members with June Birthdays:

6/3 - Laurie Damianos
6/4 - Rebecca Potts
6/5 - Sarah Foley
6/12 - Peter McKay
6/15 - Sean Hartman
6/24 - Sean Scott

  • Cranberry Country Tri - Club Championship (August 24)

  • Team Uniforms
    The Louis Garneau uniforms are in!  Please make arrangements with Janice Biederman to pick them up at her house in Belmont, MA.  Weekday evenings are best.  Also remember that your 2003 team uniform should be worn at all races that you compete in - thanks!

    Team Technique Workshops
    Rachel Saks and Jen Scalise have set up a series of advanced triathlon workshops that are organized for BTT members and run by BTT's own professional coaches and trainers.  The Cycling Workshop is scheduled for Saturday, May 31 at 8:30am at the Blue Hills Reservation.  The June Event is Open Water Swimming on 6/28/03 and the July Event is Core Strength Training on 7/10/03.
    more info at "Members Only - Team Technique Workshops" on the team Bulletin Board

    Team Photo and Video Production
    This year, the team will be producing a video of the seasons’ endeavors – athletic and otherwise.  In order to have the fodder to produce such a tome, we want to encourage everyone to bring cameras (digital, film, and video) to any race or event in which you participate.  All we ask is that you submit the images to Regina O’Toole or Rob Sczupak in a timely fashion so we may work on this effort in real time.  If you are interested in participating in this activity, please respond to Rob directly at Rob Sczupak.  

    Walden Pond Swimming
    Yes, it's that time of year again.  Now that the ice is gone, it's time to get your wetsuits out and join your fellow BTT'ers for the Friday morning swim'n'breakfast at Walden Pond.  Get in touch with Rob Sczupak or Sean Luitjens for more details.

    Upcoming Events
    5/31 - Cycling Workshop
    6/19 - Team Social - TBA
    6/28 - Open Water Swimming Workshop
    6/28 - B2B Harpoon Ride
    more info at "Events Calendar" on the team website

    Upcoming Races
    6/1 - Covered Bridges Half Marathon
    6/1 - AAC 5k
    6/1 - Pack Monadnock Trail Run
    6/1 - ChartBank 10k
    6/1 - 10th Annual Corrib Pub Classic 5k
    6/7 - Mountain Sports Festival AR
    6/7 - Rye by the Sea Duathlon
    6/8 - Ludlow Triathlon
    6/8 - Blackwater Eagleman
    6/8 - Escape From Alcatraz
    6/8 - Nantucket Nectars Iron Relay
    6/14 - Hyannis Sprint 1 Triathlon
    6/14 - Six State Series, RI
    6/14 - Wild Onion 24h Urban AR
    6/15 - Ashland Triathlon
    6/21 - Swim Against the Tide
    6/21 - 43rd Mount Washington Road Race
    6/21 - Genesis Adventures AR
    6/22 - Alcatraz Triathlon XXIII
    6/28 - Tupper Lake Tinman
    6/28 - Try the Tri!, RI
    6/29 - New Charles River Ramble 7m/5k
    more info at "Events Calendar" on the team website

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