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written by: Jay Marschall
posted: 5/21/03

Our Story:
This past weekend we participated in the Boston Triathlon Team (BTT) training weekend at Waterville Valley, NH.  It was a 3-day weekend of intense training and fun with 65 members of the team.  We are lucky that there is such a great organization like BTT to plan and implement such a weekend.  We were provided with condo lodging, three meals a day, snacks, beer (very important ingredient, esp. for Jay), and a Saturday night party including Karaoke!! and dancing!!  It was Leg numbing training with a lot of laughs and fun.  The following is a daily report on the weekend.

Thursday Night:
We drove up after work, and got there no problem.  Unless you count getting lost within the ski resort where we were staying - in the middle of the night.  Jay though it was like the shining.  We had to fumble around to find out where the hell our room was - suffering through pea green hallways that looked like the halls of a mental health hospital!

Friday Morning:
We woke up, and the extravaganza was off!  The "open water swim" took place in a 25-meter pool w/o lane lines - since our swim coach had a hard time waking up to put the lines in the water - which quickly disassembled into relay racing madness!  The "meeting room," no. 1101 was filled with all the Dunkin Donuts you could eat, and plenty of talk of where we were going to ride.  Finally, after inhaling coffee, eggs, bagels, and more, we took off in several groups.  Most of us headed off to climb the Kancamangas Highway (a 13-mile climb), with Jay screaming at the supposed lame wimps who chose the flatter ride, around Squam Lake.  The ride up, with Jay screaming, "We must climb to the top!" was fast.  Not too many of us hung onto Jay's wheel - continually punishing us - but those of us who did felt damned proud of ourselves at the end.  75 miles, at 19.5 average mph.

Afterwards, of course, we needed to run.  And, oh my god, let me tell you, the trails up there are magnificent!!!  It is so beautiful.  We ran by a river, babbling through the trees, just 40 min. hard.  Then the yoga class that Sarah taught (in the fitness center), featuring the full range of skill levels - from Alan White's total inflexibility to Catherine and Rachel Pollock's limber madness.

That night, we had FOOD!  Yes, indeedy, finally we got to eat.  And thank god the incredible organizers had many homemade lasagnas delivered with huge salads and bread.  We chowed.  There was all you can eat and all you can drink of everything.  Craziness.  Time for bed!!!!

Saturday Morning:
This wake up was a bit more difficult.  Hammered from the day and night before, we once again had to swim in that ridiculous pool (choppier than the St. Croix swim) and meet up at room 1101 for breakfast - this time banana pancakes for everyone!  And the ride decision-making talk began again.  Where to go?  With who?  How far?  And on, and on, until we all just geared up and headed out as one big group - only to immediately split up as Sir Marschall swerved to the front.  And those who hung on, did.  This time, up to Franconia Notch and Canon Mountain for a 100-mile ride.  Oh, lordy, the way out made me wonder if I would be spit out the back and have to fight the wind alone home.  But I made it, and so did everyone else - at varying paces (The 2nd century crew returned to camp 2 hours later than we did!).  And it is no wonder with Steve Upson deciding early and often when and where to make the next sit down lunch spot!!

After the ride there was a mad scramble to find food to stop the hunger pains that 51/2 hrs of cycling in the mountains will do to a person.  Some went to another session of Professor Keller's contortions(yoga) while I went to the golf course for nine holes.  I have not played golf since xmas so it was a thrill to see the flight of the ball.  I set up a imaginary game between Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer( playing two balls).  It was a gas!!  Arnold beat Jack by a shot 35 to 34 on a par 33 course.  It got close when Arnie snap hooked his drive in the water on number 9( he is 72 yrs old).

Saturday Evening:
It was time for the big dinner and party.  One of the restaurants in the village opened up for our group and served a enormous amount of food for the ravished tri folk.  Roast beast, chicken and pasta, salad, bread, veggies and desert were dished out in huge quantities and of course the alcohol was flowing quite nicely as well.  After Dinner we all moved over to the bar area where karaoke and DJ were set up.  At first it started out slow and then it started to grow!! everyone took to the mic and sang and danced for hours, including yours truly.

Saturday Late Night:
After the bar kicked us out(12:00) the few of us with party endurance went back to 1101 for late night antics.  Some of the goings on I will not discuss in this format but I will tell you that they rival some of times back in my college days.  I am just glad that Ken had the foresight to allow for furniture damage in the weekends budget.  It all ended around 3am.  Boy that 9am long trail run is going to hurt!

Sunday Morning:
We woke up around 8:30 and struggled to get out the door by 9am to meet Pat for our long run.  Pat looked fresh and ready, not having played animal house the night before.  We headed out on the trails around 9:30.  We took a trail along the river and after the mandatory squat in the woods, the trail started going up, up , up , up on challenging technical trail until after around 50 min it ended at this incredible mountain lake that looked prehistoric.  The water was crystal clear and felt great to dunk your head in to.  We paused for a few and headed back down.  The down was a lot of fun as we skipped over obstacles floating at about twice the speed of the way up.  It was a perfect long run around 1.5 hours.

We were done!! or not? there was a group doing a 4 mile mountain time trial.  Oh sh*t!!  After a moment we decided not.  We had had enough, I know my leg were done and a hard effort on the bike right then would of made me hurl!!  Keith won the time trial in 15 min.  Maybe next year!