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written by: Rob Sczupak
posted: 11/12/02

On November 9, 2002, 16 members of Boston Triathlon Team (and additional friends) made their way through the streets of Boston on Saturday, November 9, 2002, testing their limits in the ways of race dehydration.

News of note:

Jacques & Amber
What better way to introduce potential new members to the BTT crowd than by bringing them to 7 bars in rapid succession? Nothing but positive impressions going on there, though it is believed that individuals with slurred speech were restrained from participating (leaving a decidedly small conversationalist contingency as the race wore on).

Colin & Beth
Win the "best excuse for not showing" award. The Beth Edwards chase vehicle apparently arrived in CT from NJ, but got confused regarding which direction of the driveway was "out". Team disqualification, and penalties shall be administered upon review of the videotape, which we understand exists somewhere in Colin’s apartment.

Janice and Rob(s)
The Pub Run organizing committee did a fantastic job in creating novel race numbers for the day’s event, including two tags that were heavily applauded for their positive marketing campaign for the race official. Marybeth Cadwell and Janice Biederman both ran thru the streets wearing tags emblazoned with "ILUVROB". Janice, it turns out, was having the better day; somewhere between Gate #’s 1 and 2 she passed a spectator who proclaimed "My name’s Rob!" (She kept running)

The Hummer
As previously mentioned the race course was altered to accommodate the condition of the participants, which involved moving of pylons, camera crews, reassigning state police details, etc. One detail involved enlisting a new sag wagon for individuals finding themselves unable to continue. After several attempts to commission (OK, beg) a member of the general public with a vehicle of the aforementioned manufacture, all hopes were dashed and the concept abandoned. (Apparently a first date situation was encountered & the guy didn’t want several drunk-asses in the back of his truck that were better looking than he was. OK. Maybe just louder.)

Kathy & Dave
Driving all the way from Ithaca, NY to Boston clearly placed Team Putnam at the top of the heap. Unfortunately for them, the racecourse was changed mid-stream. Kathy & Dave waited patiently at Gate #5 for the rest of the field to show. Unfortunately, several penalties issued at Gate #4 in conjunction with scheduling errors prevented the team from reaching the Northern Outpost of the race. The day was not a total loss for TP, as Dave was able to make the (ahem) withdrawal from the freezer at his old place of employ. (Psst! Dave! Don’t need to worry about that anymore!)

Katie & Buff's
Efforts were underway earlier in the day to sequester a wheelchair for the injured KTO. Unfortunately, the responsible individuals went & bought lunch instead – forgetting all about their obligation to God, Country, & Katie (not necessarily in that order). We did learn later, however, that KTO was spotted nursing her injury at Buff’s bar in Brookline. When faced with the possibility of teammate association by virtue of an unheralded ‘Buff’s crashing’, Katie’s response: "DON’T YOU DARE SHOW UP!"

Regina & DNF
2 hour training runs? No sweat. Century rides? Childs play. Ironman? Call her when you want your ass kicked. However, after 9 hours of grit and determination, the emotional toll of this years' Pub Run had collected BTT’s most stalwart competitor. It was with great sorrow that Regina bid adieu to the remaining participants as they started the last mile of 'running in traffic'. The race staff sincerely hopes she did not emanate of libation as she placed duty (babysitting) before pleasure for the rest of the evening.

Until PR2003...