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HILL CLIMBING, Raj Krishnan posted 10/8/01
Raj Krishnan is not a team member, but rode with the Harvard Cycling Team and graduated in 1993. He has written this article for their team website.

Does the thought of climbing a hill on your bike make you want to consider racing keirins or six day events? Do you go out of your way to avoid that nasty little climb on your way home? Do you plan your racing season around those races that recommend an 11-19 straightblock? If you want to become a better climber, or at least approach hills with a little less fear and a whole lot more confidence, read on...

There is nothing better to prepare you for climbing than riding a lot of hills during your training. But this doesn't have to be monotonous. I find that hill training takes several forms:

Now for the specific tips - Nathan asked me to come up with a few tips on climbing, and these tips build on a conversation that he and I had last summer after a particularly grueling morning session. Any questions, please ask:

Don't forget that while climbing hills on a bike is intrinsically difficult and unpleasant, doing it over and over again will get you comfortable with discomfort. While most of our races are rarely won on a climb, many of them are lost on a climb, so train accordingly, and embrace the pain!

Ride to live- live to ride!