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Boston Triathlon Team - Article Archive UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Link Race/Subject Author(s) Date
biedermanreport3.html IRONMAN WISCONSIN Janice Biederman 9/24/2004
adcockreport.html DUKE HALF IRONMAN Amy Adcock 9/18/2003
biedermanreport2.html IRONMAN CANADA Janice Biederman 9/8/2003
allenarticle.html THE PERFECT TAPER Mark Allen 8/28/2003
aronisreport.html MT. WASHINGTON BIKE RACE Jeff Aronis 8/19/2003
flaniganreport.html VERMONT CITY MARATHON Colleen Flanigan 5/29/2003
ghironarticle.html PUSHING YOURSELF TO NEW HEIGHTS Karen Ghiron 5/29/2003
ghironoverhydration.html OVER-HYDRATION IS A REAL THREAT ON MARATHON DAY Karen Ghiron 4/2/2003
biedermanreport.html IRONMAN USA - LAKE PLACID Janice Biederman 11/21/2002
adachireport2.html THE GREAT FLORIDIAN Anna Adachi 10/28/2002
cadwellmbreport.html IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS MB Cadwell 10/24/2002
adachireport.html Timberman Anna Adachi 8/20/2002
dodellintherapy.html IN THERAPY Leib Dodell 3/27/2002
dodellphysical.html LETíS GET PHYSICAL Leib Dodell 3/11/2002
dodelldejavu.html DEJA VU, Leib Dodell 1/15/2002
dodellboot.html STOP OR I'LL BOOT Leib Dodell 12/31/2001
aerobiccapacity.html IMPROVE YOUR AEROBIC CAPACITY Steve Fluet 11/29/2001
dodellrealironmen.html THE REAL IRONMEN Leib Dodell 10/10/2001
dodellrecycling.html RECYCLING CATALOGUES Leib Dodell 10/10/2001
fitzgeraldarticle.html TWO PEOPLE WITH LOCAL TIES Dan Fitzgerald 8/4/2001
dodellcommoncold.html TRIATHLON AND THE COMMON COLD Leib Dodell 7/19/2001
dodellgettinglost.html GETTING LOST Leib Dodell 7/19/2001
dodellhotelhell.html HOTEL HELL Leib Dodell 7/19/2001
dodellretiring.html TRI AND RETIRING Leib Dodell 7/19/2001
dodelltheater.html TRIATHLON MAKES GREAT THEATER Leib Dodell 7/19/2001
dodelltrianthropology.html TRIANTHROPOLOGY 101 Leib Dodell 7/19/2001
dodelltripotenuse.html TRIPOTENUSE, Leib Dodell 7/19/2001
dodellwaitlifting.html WAIT...LIFTING?, Leib Dodell 7/19/2001
dodellweather.html WEATHER ADVISORY Leib Dodell 7/19/2001
dodellweb.html THE MOST FRUSTRATING 17 MINUTES ON THE WEB Leib Dodell 7/19/2001
dodelllongroad.html THE LONG ROAD BACK Leib Dodell 7/12/2001
fixedgear.html FIXED GEAR BIKES Mike Kallal 4/12/2001
desoto.html Emilio Desoto's CRAZIEST WORKOUT Emilio Desoto's 3/15/2001
feararticle.html "FEAR", Amy White 2/21/2001